On August 30, 2010, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. For any person at any age, the “C word” is a shocker, and for me at age 34, it was no different! With two small children (Matthew age 3 and Joanna age 2) and a husband who recently stepped out to start a business to meet our family’s needs, this diagnosis has been life-changing.

September was full of doctor’s appointments, two major surgeries, and further understanding of the nature of the cancer I am now facing. The cancer escaped to the lymph nodes, and I was told my cancer was stage IIB. The tumor markers showed this cancer to be ER+, PR+, and HER-2+. As more than one doctor put it, “This cancer has everything it needs for aggressive growth.”

With surgery completed, we were faced with treatment decisions. After much prayer and numerous consultations with doctors, we found a clinic in Atlanta that specialized in treating breast cancer using an integrative approach. At this clinic, I could get a specialized chemo treatment as well as intense immune system support. My six-week stay there lasted from November 8 to December 17. Treatment at the clinic cost around $15,000 and we saw God graciously provide.

I underwent traditional chemotherapy at Northwestern March 8, 2011-June 14, 2011. During this time I included additional treatments to support my immune system. Cancer is an expensive disease. We are confident that God will provide for our needs because He is faithful.

Your prayers for successful eradication of cancer are most appreciated.  If the Lord would lay it on your heart to help with our medical expenses, we would be most grateful. Our friends at Herring Consulting have graciously designed and hosted our website and made it possible for people to donate online (see link at top left of page). For those interested in making a tax-deductible contribution, you can contribute here and designate your gift for Melissa Huizinga.